What is GEA

Genome Editing Association (GEA) is a community of bioscience and business professionals who want to solve demanding problems in many different fields.

Our mission is to support GEA members that enables them to develop meaningful, industry improving solutions

Driving Values


Passion for continuous personal development and professional skills improvement is at the heart of GEA. Our goal is support and provide resources for lifelong learning and personal success.


Relationships are more than opportunities to cooperate on projects and develop products to change industries. Trust and accountability are keys to cultivate those relationships into valuable personal network of value.


We provide you the foundation to strive on your path to success, while providing opportunities for thought exchange, innovation and cooperation with the community. GEA provides the essentials to make the change in the world.


Our underlying principle is on giving value to others and get value in return. Recognizing those who are contributing and enabling you to surround yourself with people who want to help creates continuous positive value cycle.